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Roys Peak, New Zealand - Sweet Cheeks Merino

The History of Sweet Cheeks Merino

Sweet Cheeks Merino was started in New Zealand by two mothers back in 2007.

The mothers were flower growers and were needing clothes that kept their kids warm while they helped them around the farm. Knowing that their kids skin was easily irritated by synthetic fibres, they needed a fabric that was not only warm but hypoallergenic and soft against sensitive skin. Merino wool was the obvious choice due to it being exceptionally warm for its weight yet breathable and soft on delicate skin. Unlike regular wool which can be scratchy against your skin, merino wool has a silky, cashmere-like outer layer making it super soft to touch.  

Its hypoallergenic properties ensure it is safe for babies and kids with sensitive skin, eczema or allergies. And in some cases, it has even been shown to reduce allergies. 

However, there was nothing on the market that ticked all these boxes. So they decided to create their own. What started as a few pieces to meet their kids needs, quickly turned into items that were requested by their wider friends and family. From that, Sweet Cheeks Merino was born. 

The two mothers created a line of beautiful merino wool products that have stood the test of time and have been loved by families for well over a decade. 

For the last seven years Sweet Cheeks Merino has been run by a family in Auckland, and since then, the brand has continued to grow.   

Today, Sweet Cheeks is owned by us, a small family unit who are spread across Australia and Auckland, New Zealand. 

Growing up in New Zealand, merino has been a part of our wardrobe since we were young and we are so excited to continue to share the magic of merino with the rest of the world. 



Some of the farm photography has been captured by the talented Rachael Lenehan. See more of her work at Rachael Lenehan Photography

Our beautiful product shots have been taken by Pip Danieletto. See more of her work at Pip Takes a Picture.