What are the care instructions for my items? 
Find out how to best care for your items here

My baby or child has sensitive skin. Will merino wool irritate it?
Merino is widely known as the wonder fibre, due to all its natural abilities. Our merino is a super soft knit that can be worn against sensitive skin or babies with allergies. It won't irritate even the most sensitive of skin

Where are your products made?
Our products are made exclusively in New Zealand. Find out more about our production process here

How much does shipping cost and where do you ship from?
All orders will either be fulfilled from our Auckland based distribution centre or our Melbourne based distribution centre. Please refer to our shipping page for more information.

Can you please provide more information about the wool used?
Sure - all our products use either Australian or New Zealand merino wool. The wool comes from non-mulesed merino sheep. Our wool processing partners have a huge focus on lowering the environmental impact normally associated with textile manufacturing. They have ongoing measures to reduce electricity, gas and water usage. Up to 85% of their water is able to reused, either back through their manufacturing process or through third party recycled water programs for agriculture parklands and industry. 

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