Sizing Information

All our clothing at Sweet Cheeks Merino runs on the slightly larger size of the New Zealand / Australia sizing standards unless stated otherwise. Please refer to the size guide below for each garment. 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you require assistance. 

Merino Long Sleeve Bodysuits & Singlet Bodysuits Size Guide | Sweet Cheeks Merino

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Merino Long Sleeve Tops Size Guide | Sweet Cheeks Merino

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Age and height correlation can sometimes be a bit finicky as every child is unique!  Like clothing sizes, the ages are just there to provide some guidance. We recommend measuring your child’s height prior to purchase.

The ages associated with these tights are really just to use as a guide, every child grows at a different rate. They are based on the standard Australian and New Zealand growth charts which can be found on children’s hospital websites, state health sites or in your MCH or Plunket books.

If in doubt we recommend sizing up, but that’s a personal choice too (for us there’s nothing worse than having the crotch of the tights sitting too low!)

Sweet Cheeks Merino Size Guide Tights